The new Dark-WhatsApp

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Showcasing the v2 of Dark-WhatsApp theme
Showcasing the v2 of Dark-WhatsApp theme

After changing 5000 lines throughout 300 commits, a few months worth of work, and a ton of patience later, it is finally ready!

Everything that was in v1 made its way to v2, plus there are many new additions! The rewrite in stylus-lang was definitely worth it as it allowed me to stay sane, and to change things with ease. It also made writing a complete dark theme because of how much of the code can be reused.

# Getting started

To try it out, simply head over to dark-whatsapp repository.

# What's going away?

Two things:

  1. Custom theme settings on
  2. The v1 theme, but there will be a non-customizable version

The decision to remove custom settings from USo was fairly easy because it's painful whenever things need to be updated. It became more and more irritating ever since the USo was sold and re-designed.

There will be a v2 version that's going to be used on USo as well as in other projects, extensions, etc. It will lack the customization part that Stylus offers, but the variables themselves will remain unchanged.

# Addressing the "drama" in another project

Instead of pointing out where I was wrong, apparently it was easier to write a wall of text as a rant and ban me from your project. Such a shame it took the wrong turn, but such is life. Shoutout to your emotions, they did a stellar job.

At least I chuckled while reading all the contradicting points that you've put out. They were truly hilarious. Most importantly, I've learned a great deal from this situation that ended up turning into drama — thank you for that.

# Closing words

Overall, I'm very happy with the new theme. There's still a lot to be done, and will be done in the coming weeks and months. Huge thanks to E-RELevant for constantly testing alpha build, reporting bugs, suggesting new things, and all that good stuff — it wouldn't have been the same without your help.

Thank you for reading this short update. Happy holidays!