Hello, World!

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It is finally here — my most overdue project to date. The project I wanted to work on for so very long. The project that was supposed to go live a year ago, yet I spent days procrastinating, working on other projects and not focusing on what truly mattered all this time — building my own platform.

# The idea

Initially I was only going to showcase my projects. That changed in October of last year when I was given a task to make a small website. Just to get out of comfort zone, I chose to make a prototype of a blog. It allowed me to learn many valuable lessons that I didn't consider before, and that came in handy while working on the initial version of my current website.

The idea is to write about things I'm excited about. Get better at it as the time goes on. Writing was always something I wanted to do, and now I have my own platform to do it, which is very motivating. It'll also be a good opportunity for me to grow more as a person through my writing.

Another idea I have is to document my journey into programming as well as other things, and to share what I learn along the way in a simplest way possible. That'd help me a lot personally in order to grasp the concepts in a better way. Hopefully my findings might become a valuable resource to some of you.

# How it all works

The entirety of this website is powered by Zola, a Static Site Generator written in Rust language. It is then built on GitLab using their awesome CI/CD tools as well as hosted on the GitLab Pages. Finally, everything you request is delivered to your browser by Cloudflare's CDN. The entire process might seem complicated, but as an end-user it is quite easy to work with.