A new look

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This is just a quick announcement. I've worked on-and-off on a new look for my personal website, and it's ready for use in production environment.

There are many new features, and I'll be refining everything over time, but for now I'm pretty happy how it turned out. This is a third iteration, and there will be at least a couple more until my vision for it is mostly complete.

# Color-schemes

The light and dark mode colors are a part of my upcoming color-schemes. I'm testing many different use-cases all the time, but what you can see right now is more or less what the final dark and light color-scheme will look like.

# Open-source

I do plan to open-source my website — or at least just the theme part of it for use in Zola — I'm just not entirely sure how to go about licensing the former.

I know the license shouldn't prevent me from open-sourcing it, but I would rather not have to worry about small things down the line. Right now I'm thinking of using MIT license for the code and some CreativeCommons license for the content, but I still have to do some more research.

# Closing words

Zola is just a lot of of fun to use! It's rather simple and some things that I want to do for one of my upcoming projects can't really be done (e.g. custom output formats). What brings me a lot of joy is its templating engine — Tera.

To make it easier to work with templates, some time ago I forked jinja2-mode package that wasn't being actively developed and had some open pull requests. It was a great base for my tera.el package. One of my ideas is to go back and improve some of the things that aren't done right, but for now it's fine. My Elisp is definitely much better than it was back then, but there are a lot of functions to explore that are required when making this type of package.